Video: Rein in the run-on

Today's lesson is all about a very common grammatical mistake. It's one that can disrupt your reader's understanding and lead them to suspect you don't know how to construct a proper sentence. We're talking about the run-on sentence.

It's easy to fall into this grammar trap when you're in the full flow of writing – which is probably why it's one of the mistakes we see most often as trainers. But once you're aware of what it is – and how to avoid or correct it – you'll be quite safe. (By the way, if you haven't yet done week 22's lesson on putting your main clause first, look at that first. It will give you a useful baseline.)

So, just what is this mistake exactly? Watch the video to find out.

Not able to watch the video now, or want to keep a reminder of it? You can download and print the transcript below.

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