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Hello, and welcome to Emphasis 360. I'm really glad you're here.

Writing is more important now than ever before – because we're using it more than ever before. Whether we want to tell someone about something, or ask them to do something, or persuade them to invest in us or use our services, we generally do it in writing. It's how we get things done.

Half a trillion documents

Believe it or not, between us all, we produce half a trillion documents a year. And we send and receive more than two hundred billion emails every day. That equates to a lot of competition for your readers' attention.

This means it's never been more important that your writing stands out. It needs to be clear and accurate. And it needs to engage your reader, so that they actually read what you've written – and so you can get the results you want.

Getting results

This programme will create the skills you need to do just that. It will gradually build and reinforce these skills in short, effective bursts. Over the coming weeks and months you'll improve your writing, one practical step at a time.

Watch this short video that shows you how to use it. (As with all our videos, you can come back to this one as many times as you like.)

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