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How did you get on with the exercise? Are you a good KISSer?

Keep trying to KISS

Do remember that our suggested answers aren't necessarily the only alternatives you can use. It's just great to get in the habit of looking for simpler words and phrases.

As you work your way through the lessons in here, you'll find that this technique comes up a lot. That's because it supports so much of what makes great business writing.

Good for your reader – and good for you

Straightforward language is easier for your reader to absorb. This means they'll spend less time distracted by the language you're using instead of taking in your message or understanding what they need to do. Make life as easy as possible for your reader: it will pay off for you too!

And for a bit of extra help in finding the simplest way to express yourself, you can download and keep the Plain English dictionary (taken from our in-house course manual) below.